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*Davis ranked #1 in MLB

*Davis ranked #1 in NBA

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All Sports + $2,399 17-8 (68%)
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MLB + $2,399 17-8 (68%)
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Mike Davis Bio

It's an honor for me to be associated with a such trusted brand like  My journey to Oddsboard is unique and it has not been easy to become a professional sports handicapper.  Nothing comes easy in this world and you must work hard to achieve success.  Great success always comes at a price and I have dedicated many hours to my craft and I relish the opportunity to share my sports advice with clients from all parts of the world.  

Experience as a Professional Sports Handicapper 

My path to sports handicapping was not a common one as I grew up in Chicago with very little education in my grade school years.  I was fortunate that my step father relocated the family to Nevada for a job opportunity he received, and while it was tough, it changed my perception of success and my outlook on life.  After high school I became a real estate broker and this is when I started sports betting on the side to supplement my income.  I was never content with the amount of money I made and felt I could do more to reach my goals.  I have been fortunate to have made some wise investments in real estate which granted me the capital and financial investing knowledge to invest in sports.

I have been sports handicapping for over ten years and professionally for five.  While I still hold assets in real estate, my primary investment vehicle is sports betting and sports handicapping.  My drive is second to none and I will work tirelessly to make sure we profit each season from winning sports picks.  

Sports Handicapping System 

My strategy is not to research each game on the board but only the action that I feel we can exploit and is worth our hard earned money.  Sports investing is like real estate and nothing is guaranteed but I can assure you that my advice is backed by research and I will provide you with better odds of winning than if you were to attempt to invest with your own advice.  

The fact that 90% of sports bettors fail to make a profit tells you a lot about the difficulty in making money betting sports.  One of the biggest reasons squares lose are they bet with the general consensus.  I prefer to narrow down the big board to 20-30% of the odds I want to focus in on.  My final predictions will usually end up around 10-20% of the entire odds available for that day.  

I consider myself an investor which means that I have to be careful with my money and rely on my data to help me make intelligent decisions.  A sports investor understands the difference between betting and investing.  One must use various strategies to locate the best odds.

Most Memorable Win as a Professional 

The next big win for my Oddsboard clients. 

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