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NFL Money Line Odds

Money line betting on NFL games is the easiest way to place a wager. You are simply selecting which team you think will win the game outright with NFL Money line betting. In this manner, the money line odds are easy to understand, as you'll set odds for either team to win, and if the game is tied, the bet is a push.

Following is the standard format for displaying NFL money line odds. This shows how much you have to wager in order to win $100 by betting on the money line odds favorite, -250 in our example. You'll be able to win $100 if you bet on the team with a positive number, like +350 for instance.

NFL Against The Spread Odds

NFL betting experts and bettors alike frequently choose to bet on NFL Against the Spread betting lines. There is a lot of discussion about NFL betting lines against the spread throughout the week before matches, which is unique to the sport. It is also common for NFL expert picks to use NFL betting lines against the spread.

How do NFL against the spread betting lines work? As opposed to Money Line odds, you're picking the team that will cover the spread, rather than picking the outright winner. The favorite and underdog are similarly represented in the NFL odds, but they're reflected in the spread, with the favorite conceding points, such as -7, and the underdog receiving points, such as +7.

NFL Odds on Over/Under Totals

You can also bet what the match points total will be on each game, every week, by wagering on the over/under or totals, which are set by the sportsbooks on each game.

It is the betting line that differs from match to match in the NFL over/under markets, where either side of the line is typically around -110.

When making a pick in the over/under markets, a lot of factors need to be considered, including news about the teams, weather, schemes, and recent performances for both teams.

Teams, locations, weather, and many other factors can affect the lines. Each match provides its own challenge as NFL betting lines for the totals can be set for 38 points one week, and 52 points the next, so each match represents a unique challenge.

Live NFL Odds and NFL Betting Lines

Almost as soon as the previous week's matches have concluded, NFL betting odds and NFL betting lines are set for this week. As soon as possible following each game week, sportsbooks will set the lines based on the latest performances. At Oddsboard you can find NFL odds as well as live NBA odds, NCAAB Odds, NCAAF Odds and MLB Odds and scores. Stay updated to the latest odds moves and get today’s picks from some of the best sports handicappers in the industry.

In most cases, you will see movement in the odds and lines early, so you may be able to profit by betting early if the line moves in your favor. However, you also run the risk of being on the wrong side of the line on game day.