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Time Teams Score Line Total Picks
NBA Pro Basketball | 5/25/2024
8:30 pm
Boston Celtics
@ Indiana Pacers
-7.5 (-110)
+7.5 (-108)
3 Picks
NBA Pro Basketball | 5/26/2024
8:00 pm
Minnesota Timberwolves
@ Dallas Mavericks
+3.5 (-110)
-3.5 (-105)

NBA Betting Odds

On the NBA Odds page you will find the latest odds for today's games and upcoming games this week. Totals, Moneyline, O/U and against the spread odds for all NBA games this season. All the leading online sportsbooks are included in the comparison of today's NBA odds. As online betting expands across the US, finding the best NBA odds has become increasingly important. For live NBA odds, make sure to check our odds page throughout the day.

Whether you're looking for NBA betting tips or information on how to read NBA odds, from Oddsboard's expert NCAAF handicapper picks can help you win more bets.

Odds on the NBA Money Line

In terms of NBA odds, money line odds are probably the most straightforward and easiest to understand. By betting on NBA money line odds, you are simply predicting which team will win. The NBA does not have ties, so it's a straight up or down market, with odds just for the two teams to win.

NBA Money Line odds are usually displayed in the following format, known as American Odds. A negative number is given to the money line favorite, for instance -350, showing how much wagering you need to make $100 profit. If you wager $100 on a team and they win, the underdog will have a positive number, for example +400.

NBA Spreads and Odds

One of the most popular NBA betting markets is NBA Odds and Betting Lines Against the Spread. The odds against the spread are different from NBA Money line odds in that you're betting on the team that will cover the spread rather than simply who will win. It is possible for the favorite to win while not covering the spread, as well as for the underdog to cover the spread while losing.

The NBA spreads can be read similarly to the Money line where a negative spread line indicates the favorite, and a positive spread line indicates the underdog. For winning $100, you will need to stake $110 on either side of the line at odds of around -110.

A perfect match results in both sides of the spread being pushed, so in the above example of a -10 line the favorite winning 110-100 results in a tie, so both sides of the spread are pushed. Bets that push are void, stakes will be refunded.

NBA Total Odds & Lines

If you don't have a strong opinion about either side, or expect a defensive battle or free-scoring game, NBA odds in the over/under or Points Total markets are well worth betting on. You can choose whether to wager over or under on the Points Total line if you don't want to put your hopes on one team.

In the same way as betting against the spread, the odds remain the same when betting on the over/under on the points total, while the line itself changes from game to game. In this case, you can wager on whether the total points combined from both teams will exceed or fall below the line. Unders bettors will cash their tickets if the match ends 100-92 rather than 120-112 as set by the line.

Choosing an over/under bet involves taking many factors into account, such as team news, injuries, and matchups.

Live NBA Odds

When an NBA game has started, NBA Live odds are a great way to wager on it. When watching a game, we have all thought this is going to happen or I still like the Lakers to win despite being down 15, and with NBA live betting we can act on these premonitions.

In addition to the money line, totals, spreads, and player props, some sportsbooks have dynamic NBA odds that update real-time.

The Live Betting option gives you the option to hedge a bet if your pre-game selection is doing well, or to get a feel for the game before you get involved.

NBA Odds & Betting Lines for Today

In the NBA, teams frequently play on back-to-back days because of the regularity of the schedule. Thus, the NBA odds and betting lines will not be released until after the game has concluded. It is typical for odds to go live on the morning of the game, but this is very much a game-by-game thing, since schedules and times both affect the odds.

NBA Betting Odds

All upcoming basketball matches are listed here with the latest basketball odds. All of the latest basketball odds can be found on our site, including moneylines, points totals, spread lines, and championship odds. With a point's difference often making the difference in close games, shopping the odds is a key to long-term success when betting on basketball. Our basketball odds guide includes everything you need to know about reading and calculating the odds.

Latest NBA Futures Odds

Some sports bettors are opting to place NBA futures bets at the beginning of the NBA season, or throughout the season as NBA odds change from game to game. The futures markets for NBA championships, conference titles, MVP and Rookie of the Year awards are set before the season begins and are updated regularly as the season progresses.

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