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MLB Betting Odds

Get the latest MLB futures odds for all of the teams in the hunt, including the best MLB world series odds. Moreover, you can compare odds for the top Team Futures and Player Futures, including MLB Division Winners, Conference Winners, Home Run Leaders, and Cy Young award winners, among others. Oddsboard is your #1 source this season for MLB Picks, Odds and Daily Best bets.

MLB Money Line Odds

Baseball money line odds simply represent the chances of either team winning. As there are no ties in baseball, the money line is simply a win-or-lose decision, making it the most straightforward MLB odds option.

As a general rule, MLB money line odds appear in this format, known as American odds. Money line favorites are given a negative number, such as -200, while underdogs are given positive numbers, such as +200. When you bet $200 and win $100, the number -200 tells you how much you need to stake to win $100, so a $200 wager returns $100 profit, totaling $300. If you bet $100 on an underdog or a positive number such as +200, you will win $200, for a total profit of $300.

MLB Run Line Odds

Unlike the NFL and NBA spreads, the MLB Run line odds are more like the NHL Puck line, as the odds change game-to-game rather than the line itself. Each MLB run line odds sits at +1.5 or -1.5 for each game, and the odds change according to the oddsmakers' perception of the team's chances. The run line odds will be displayed in the American format, which means that the negative number shows how much you must stake to win $100, and the positive number shows how much you will win for $100.

How does the run line spread work? For your wager to be successful, the favorite team has to win by more than 2 runs, such as -1.5, resulting in the negative run line. On the other hand, you will win your bet if the underdog loses by two runs or wins by more.

Every day of the MLB season, we have today's MLB Run Line Odds on our MLB odds page. Now is the time to get the best MLB Odds against the spread.

MLB Totals Odds (OVER/UNDER)

It's a great way to wager on a match when you're not a fan of either side on the money lines or run lines. You can bet the MLB totals or over/under of the total number of combined runs scored in the match. When you bet on MLB Totals, you are betting on whether the total runs scored will be over or under a line set by the sportsbooks, usually between 7.5 and 9.5 runs per game. As the matchup changes, so do the odds based on the sportsbook's over/under odds. In betting the over/under, research is essential, particularly when it comes to pitching matchups, bullpens, and hitting lineups, and how they've performed against certain pitchers and conditions. Oddsboard experts consider all of this and a multitude of advanced statistics when making over/under picks and when determining whether a particular pick is at the right odds. On the MLB Odds page, you'll find all the MLB odds for the run line for every day of the season.

MLB Odds To Win Division

There are 162 games in the MLB schedule so that the best players can compete against each other. It is no secret that anyone can beat anyone, on any given day, and this is why many MLB bettors focus on the team's future instead of day-to-day action. In addition to the World Series odds themselves, one of the most popular ways to do this is through MLB Odds To Win the Division. Before locking in those MLB division odds, you should do your homework on the six division titles up for grabs. Some divisions are much more competitive than others. Parlaying these selections can also be done with most sportsbooks, and you can rack up some pretty impressive MLB division odds pretty quickly. Our MLB division odds will keep you updated throughout the season.

MLB Live Odds

One of the fastest-growing areas in sports betting is live betting in general and MLB Live Odds in particular. Adding dynamism and excitement to the game watching experience is the ability to bet on live MLB odds. A variety of MLB Live odds are available during the game, including the money line, run line, run totals, and some team and player props.

MLB Baseball Lines

All of today's MLB baseball lines can be found right here at Oddsboard. Money line odds, run line odds, and run total odds are all available in one place, with the best odds highlighted from the top sportsbooks in the US. Right now, you can check out today's baseball lines and get picks from the best sports handicappers.

Oddsboard not only has odds for MLB baseball but has odds for all major US sports including NBA odds, NFL odds, college football odds and college basketball odds. Join the experts at Oddsboard for the best sports handicapper picks.